Can you plant bagged deer corn?

Can you plant bagged corn?

bag of feed corn from a local grain mill. The plants only got anywhere from 4-6 feet tall, but they all produced good ears, plenty good enough for a food plot. So, in my experience, yes they will produce ears.

Can you grow edible corn from deer corn?

Whole kernel deer feeding corn will grow, germination rates wont be as high as expensive seed corn and you may not get the disease and chemical resistance, but it will grow. Plant it thicker.

Can you plant regular shelled corn?

Most corn varieties are registered and protected by law. Therefore it is illegal to plant most sources of “shelled corn.” In fact, it is illegal for farmers to save the seed they harvest and replant in most cases.

How long does deer corn last in a bag?

Whole corn will last for several years and be fine if it doesn’t get moisture in it. It’s dried to under 14% moisture before it’s bagged. Soon as you get any moisture in it, the mold will start when it’s not frozen.

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Can I grow corn in the woods?

WOODS: You don’t want to plant corn in the same place year after year. Because corn removes a huge amount of nitrogen from the soil. … Corn takes a huge amount of nitrogen to be productive, so if you plant soybeans in an area two years in a row, you’re building up quite a bit of nitrogen, organic nitrogen in the soil.

Do deer like sweet corn or field corn better?

This leaves little for fall and winter deer food. The best corn to plant for deer food plots is field corn. Choose late-maturing varieties if you want to leave corn standing in the plot for winter feeding. Avoid white corn and silage corn.

What crop Do deer like the most?

Typical cereals planted for deer would include oats, wheat, triticale and rye. When native green forage becomes less available from fall through spring, these crops will attract large numbers of deer and provide valuable nutrition to help them through this difficult period.

Can corn be planted with a grain drill?

“Grain drills were designed to plant small grains so getting the right corn populations can be tricky but I found that seed corn drops very evenly from the fluted meters. The problem is that it can get hung up in the drill’s ribbed seed tubes and bunch up in the furrow.

Can you plant animal feed corn?

Bonus: By choosing heirloom varieties, you can grow delicious corn that, unlike most garden and field corn grown today, is not genetically modified. Corn provides energy but not a lot of protein in animals’ diets.

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How long does 50 lbs of deer corn last?

Registered. We have a feeder that holds 50 lbs of corn, it is 25 yds from the kitchen window ’cause my wife likes to watch them as she does dishes, and 50 lbs lasts 24 hrs. 10 to 13 deer use thisy feeder.

How long will a bag of corn last?

Corn Expiration Date

Fresh Corn lasts for 5-7 Days
Cooked Corn lasts for 5-7 Days

What is the shelf life of cracked corn?

What is the shelf life of Organic Cracked Corn? We recommend a 9-month shelf-life.