Can venison be aged after butchering?

Can you age meat after butchering?

Therefore aging is sometimes referred to as a decaying process, but understand this is not the same as spoiling your meat. … Essentially all you do is vacuum seal your meat and leave in the fridge for 7 to 28 days. The enzymes are still at work breaking down the tissue and the bag seals out air to prevent contamination.

What happens if you don’t age venison?

Nothing tenderizes venison more naturally than aging it. This process requires hanging it in a temperature-controlled environment for up to three weeks. … Temperatures under 34 degrees can freeze meat, while anything warmer than 37 degrees speeds decomposition that creates unsanitary meat and possibly food poisoning.

Do you have to age a deer before butchering?

Typically for the best balance of flavors, venison should age for between 18 to 21 days. Provided you have the space, aging can be a very simple process. The key to dry aging is absolute temperature control. … This is the perfect environment for venison’s natural enzymes to begin to break down the tough tissue.

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How long should you age a deer before butchering?

On average, five to seven days is the ideal length of time to let the meat age. An aging process of five to seven days will allow the meat time to cool, move past rigor mortis, and let collagen begin to break down. This will result in meat that is both tender and flavorful.

How long can you age deer meat in the refrigerator?

For whole pieces of meat like steaks and roasts, you’ve got 3-5 days of freshness if you refrigerate. If frozen, that extends to 9-12 months. Some say that frozen venison will keep in your freezer for up to 2 years. Ground meat and sausages will keep well 1-2 days in the refrigerator and 2-3 months in the freezer.

What is the best temperature to age venison?

To properly age venison, the temperature needs to remain between this 32- and 40-degree temperature range, or at least very close to it. Next in importance when it comes to aging meat is moisture. The lower the humidity around the meat, the slower any bacteria will reproduce.

How do you dry age venison in the fridge?

Instead, try dry aging steaks or roasts on a wire rack above a cookie sheet in your refrigerator for 3-7 days. An even better alternative is to try this wet aging technique.

Can a deer hang in 50 degree weather?

Any colder and the meat freezes which halts the enzymes from working. Any warmer and the meat will spoil. Unless you have a walk-in cooler with a thermostat you are better off just processing the deer right away.

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Should I skin a deer before hanging?

Meat should be kept just above freezing with over 80% humidity to keep it moist when hung. Blood will coagulate quickly, changing the taste of the meat(gamy taste). Leaving the skin on will keep the body warm longer and the blood will have more time to coagulate.

Should you skin a deer right away?


When winter hits—especially in brutally cold areas—this natural insulation is what allows the animals to survive. But when you kill a deer, that same protective sheath needs to be removed quickly so the meat can cool.