Will puffer fish eat cleaner shrimp?

Will a blue spotted puffer eat cleaner shrimp?

The shrimp may be safe for some time depending on the size of the puffer, but as the puffer gets bigger he will be able to take on larger prey. The cleaner shrimp will also be more vulnerable after it molts.

Will a puffer fish eat my shrimp?

They need live and frozen foods. Many pet shops sell worms and shrimp, alive and frozen, for fish like puffers. Keep in mind that puffers need hard, crunchy food in their diets like snails or shellfish because their teeth never stop growing, and they need hard foods to grind down their teeth.

Will puffer fish eat ghost shrimp?

Dwarf puffers will also eat small ghost shrimp and frozen mysis shrimp, as well as soft foods, and frozen brine shrimp although the latter two do not in keeping the fishes’ teeth worn properly. … Getting them to breed just makes keeping these great fish even more interesting.

Will Valentini Puffer eat cleaner shrimp?

yeah, shrimp are on the puffers natural food diet. Some times cleaner shrimp can be alright for awhile with invert eating fish, but usually they will eventually be dinner.

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What do blue spot puffers eat?

The diet of the Blue Spotted Puffer needs a varied diet of meaty foods including; squid, krill, clams, and hard shelled shrimp to help wear down their ever growing teeth.

Will pea puffers eat guppies?

Some are more aggressive than others, but they’ll all eat them if they can catch them halfway easily. Puffers have teeth though and that’s the problem with them. They wear down their teeth by eating hard, crunchy stuff like snails, clams, mussels, etc. Guppy fry tend not to be hard and crunchy.

What fish will eat snails but not shrimp?

Small schooling Danios , Cherry barbs, schooling Tetras, small peaceful fish that would not eat the shrimp. The Ghost shrimp are small snail eaters that are a great addition to a tank inhabited by a peaceful community of freshwater fish.

Will cleaner shrimp clean clownfish?

Clownfish (and some other fish) will not tolerate being “cleaned”. Cleaner shrimp do not attack fish. Just an FYI. Clownfish (and some other fish) will not tolerate being “cleaned”.

Do Figure 8 puffers eat ghost shrimp?

Re: figure 8 puffer diet

Krill, frozen crabs legs, mussels, bloodworm’s, live ghost shrimp( quarantined). Live foods are good,but not essential, and snails/ shelled foods are necessary for tooth maintenance.