Which of the following is responsible for controlling corn borer?

What pesticide kills corn borer?

Treat silk frequently with Garden Dust (Bt-kurstaki) or Monterey Garden Insect Spray (spinosad) to kill young larvae. Repeat applications every 4-5 days until tassels turn brown. Use organic insecticides only as a last resort.

Which of the following genes control corn borer?

Bt cotton was created through the addition of genes encoding toxin crystals belong to the Cry group of endotoxin. Cry I Ac gene and cry II Ab gene kill the cotton bollworms while cry I Ab kills corn borer. Complete answer: The Bt toxin is encoded by a gene named cry gene.

What do European corn borer larvae eat?

Corn borer larvae will feed on many crop or weed species that have suitable stems or fruit sufficiently large for a boring larva. Evidence of corn borer infestation on corn plants appears a few days after first generation egg hatch.

How do you get rid of stalk borers?

Spraying insecticides after the caterpillars are inside the crop stem is not effective. Plants can sometimes be saved by slicing open the stem and removing the borers by hand. Wilted plants should be considered as a source of additional borer problems and these should be removed and destroyed.

What gene controls cotton bollworms?

Cry I Ac gene and cry II Ab gene control the cotton bollworms and cry I Ab controls corn borer.

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What is Morgan’s experiment?

Morgan hypothesized that, in his breeding experiment, the first generation of flies contained males only with white eyes because the gene controlling eye color was on the X chromosome. … In one mating, Morgan took a red-eyed male and mated it with a white-eyed female.

Which gene protects Bt corn from corn borer?

Question : Bt corn been made resistant from corn borer disease by intoduction of the gene. CrylAb has been introduces in Bt corn to protect it from corn borer.