What fish can eat tropical flakes?

What kind of fish eat tropical flakes?

Plecos, African cichlids, pacus and silver dollars are all fish who eat vegetarian. They do well on a staple of flake food, but also like nibbling algae wafers.

Can freshwater fish eat tropical flakes?

What You Need to Know! Yes, goldfish can safely eat tropical fish flakes with no immediate health effects. Goldfish are versatile and not picky when it comes to feeding options and will readily eat any foods that enter the aquarium.

Is fish flakes bad for fish?

Flakes are great for surface feeders and those that swim in the middle of the water column. The downside to flakes is that they lose their nutrients quickly because they dissolve in the water, making them unsuitable for fish that live at the bottom of your aquarium.

Can I feed my tropical fish goldfish flakes?

In general it’s not recommended. The ingredients may appear to be same but they’re in different proportions as coldwater and tropical species have different nutritional requirements. : victory: “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength.

Can Koi eat tropical fish flakes?

Diet. A well-balanced Goldfish or Koi diet consists of: Flake, pellet, frozen or freeze dried foods. Goldfish and Koi need more carbohydrates than other freshwater fish; feed them foods specifically formulated for Goldfish and Koi.

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What causes fish to swim upside down?

This disorder happens when the swim bladder of the fish is too full and changes your fancy goldfish’s buoyancy. Your fish may float to the top of the tank or sink to the bottom of the tank. They may swim sideways or float upside down belly-up.