How much sodium is in a BBQ chicken breast?

Is BBQ chicken high in sodium?

Yes, chicken has sodium but it should be around 50 to 75 milligrams of sodium per 4-ounce serving.

How much sodium is in a skinless chicken breast?

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 4 OZ (112 G) RAW / 3 OZ (84 G) COOKED
Amount Per Serving
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 80mg 27%
Sodium 75mg 3%

How many grams of sodium are in a grilled chicken breast?

31 grams (g) of protein. 3.6 g of fat. 74 milligrams (mg) of sodium. 1 mg of iron.

What meat is the lowest in sodium?

Low-sodium, kidney-friendly meats, poultry, seafood and dairy

Food type Average sodium amount per serving
Beef, no added salt 45-65 mg (3 ounces)
Chicken, skinless and grilled, no added salt 20-80 mg (3 ounces)
Egg whites, cooked 55 mg (large)
Fish (catfish, cod, crab, halibut, shrimp, tuna) 40-200 mg (3 ounces)

Does chicken have high sodium?

Raw chicken breast can contain as little as 50 to 75 milligrams of sodium per 4-ounce serving. … High sodium levels can cause and aggravate high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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How much sodium is in a cup of spinach?

Nutritional profile

Nutrition Facts Spinach Serving size: 1 cup (30 g) Calories 5 Calories from Fat 0 *Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Amt per Serving
Sodium 25mg 1% Sugars 0g
Protein 1g Potassium 167g
Vitamin A 60% Calcium
Vitamin C 15% Iron

Does organic chicken have less sodium?

The main difference between organic and regular is the fat content of the skin; organic has between 5 to 13% less total fat depending on the cut, but once the skin is removed, the fat content of the meat is similar between the two types. Both types of chicken are naturally low in sodium as well.

How much sodium is in a chicken wing?

One wing contains 57 calories, about 4 grams of fat and 407 mg of sodium — a little less than a third of the sodium your body needs in a day. In just one wing!

What is the healthiest way to grill chicken?

Healthiest: Poaching

Poaching emerges at the top healthiest cooking method for chicken due to its elimination of any form of grease or oil.

What is the healthiest chicken to eat?

Out of all the chicken options at the grocery story, the healthiest option is fresh chicken breast. The white meat (chicken breast) has slightly less cholesterol than the dark meat (legs and wings). It is definitely lower in saturated fats. In general, poultry is a heart-healthy protein.

How much sodium is in a grilled chicken sandwich?

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich boasts only 350 calories, 8 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, and 850 milligrams of sodium.

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Is there any fiber in chicken breast?

Chicken is also a good source of vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, iron, zinc, and trace amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C. … Chicken also has a total carbohydrate count of 0, no trans fat, and is low in sodium. It is not a source of dietary fiber.