How do you strain taco meat?

How do you drain ground beef for tacos?

How do you drain grease from ground beef?

Pour the ground beef into a colander with a glass bowl under it. Place a colander over a glass or ceramic bowl and pour the ground beef and grease into the colander. The colander will drain the grease and the beef will remain on the top.

What does it mean to strain meat?

To remove undesirable particles from a liquid, to separate liquid from other solids or to seperate various contents from other contents such as removing smaller particles from larger particles. When a food item is Strained, the contents are poured through a sieve, a perforated utensil or a fine-meshed cheesecloth.

Should you drain ground beef for spaghetti?

Cook until beef is brown and mushrooms are soft. Do not drain. Add tomato sauce, petite diced tomatoes, tomato paste, and water.

How do you strain a sauce?

Straining – Clear Liquids

To rid a sauce of larger pieces like bay leaves or vegetable bits, simply run it through a sieve. For a very fine and clear liquid, it is best to pass the mixture through a fine cloth strainer or a cotton tea towel.

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Do you strain taco meat?

Do you drain meat before adding taco seasoning? The higher fat content gives much better flavor to the taco meat and helps it stay juicy. And you will drain the grease off the ground beef prior to adding the spices in the homemade taco seasoning. Do not drain cooked meat.

What’s the difference between drain and strain?

As nouns the difference between drain and strain

is that drain is a conduit allowing liquid to flow out of an otherwise contained volume while strain is (obsolete) treasure or strain can be the act of straining, or the state of being strained.

How do you drain ground beef for tacos?

Simply place the colander inside the cold pan, dump the ground beef in the colander and all the grease drains right into the pan. Once the grease cools a bit we then pour it into an old can and discard in the garbage can. Now you have perfectly drained ground beef.

Is it OK to not drain ground beef?

Draining the grease from ground beef will make a dish healthier and is usually recommended. Brown the meat first to extract the fat. Then, you can spoon the grease out of the pan or use a colander to drain the grease. It is important you do not discard the hot grease down a drain as it can cause damage to the drain.

Do you season taco meat before or after?

Do you add taco seasoning before or after cooking? Once your ground meat is back in the skillet and the fat is drained off (if using beef), scatter your taco seasoning all over it.

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