How do you shrink moisture in corn?

How much does corn shrink per point of moisture?

Moisture Shrink, Shrink Factor And Total Shrink

For example: Corn with 25% initial moisture and 15.5% after drying has a moisture shrink of 11.24%. Moisture Shrink Factor is determined as: From the example above, water shrink is calculated as 1.18% for each point of moisture removed when the final moisture is 15.5%.

What is shrink in corn?

Shrink is the loss of weight caused by drying and handling the grain and is expressed as a percentage of the original quantity. It is a loss of revenue associated with mechanically drying corn.

How do you fix moisture content?

“The formula should be, Cdry = Cwet (100)/(100 + %Moisture)….. Cdry = 19.11 (100)/(100 + 8.33) = 17.64 units, which is quite possible.” Or simply Cdry = Cwet/(1 – %water). This will correct for the %water in the matrix and adjust the wet concentration of the analyte to it’s concentration as if it were in dry matrix.

How long does it take for corn moisture to dry?

Drying time depends on initial grain moisture, airflow per bushel provided by the fan and weather. If you use the corn moistures and airflows recommended in Tables 1 and 2, drying usually takes four to eight weeks depending on the weather.

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Why do farmers let corn dry out?

The fresher the corn, the more sweet it will taste. … Field corn, also sometimes called “cow corn,” stays in the fields until the ears dry because corn is very high in moisture and must be dry to be processed. That is why farmers leave stalks in the field until they are golden brown in the fall.

How do you check for moisture in corn?

The most accurate method of determining grain moisture content is the standard scale and oven-based test which uses published standardized procedures to dry a sample in a laboratory oven. The moisture content is then calculated using an equation based on the weight lost during the oven drying.

What does it cost to dry corn?

The energy cost per bushel to dry corn from 25 percent to 15 percent (10 points) is 42 cents per bushel (10 points x 4.2 cents per bushel per point of moisture). Total drying costs are higher since they include both energy costs and the fixed or capital costs.

What is a point of moisture?

The dew point is the temperature the air needs to be cooled to (at constant pressure) in order to achieve a relative humidity (RH) of 100%. At this point the air cannot hold more water in the gas form.

What is a moisture correction?

The moisture correction is made by multiplying the aggregate weight shown by 100 plus the percentage of moisture in the material. If a moisture determination shows that the sand has 5% total moisture, multiply the sand weight shown by 105%.

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What are the four conditions of moisture in aggregate?

There are four moisture states: Oven-dry (OD); all moisture removed. Air-dry (AD); surface moisture removed, internal pores partially full. Saturated-surface-dry (SSD); surface moisture removed, all internal pores full.