Frequent question: Can you substitute top round for flank steak?

Is flank steak the same as top round?

This beef cut unlike the flank steak comes from the leg muscles. The top round has the word round because the meat comes from the inside of the leg. … Just like flank steak, you can marinate top round too. The taste matches the top sirloin when you roast and braise.

What cut of meat can be substituted for flank steak?

If you don’t have flank steak then you can substitute:

Equal amounts of skirt steak. OR – Use flat iron steak as another alternative (becoming easier to find)

What is a good equivalent for flank steak?

However, it is not always easy to find at the meat counter. If your recipe calls for flank steak, some similar cuts that can work as acceptable substitutes include hangar steak, top round, skirt steak, and tri-tip steak among others.

Is Top round London broil the same as flank steak?

London Broil is not necessary the type of meat it is but the way you cook it. It is usually known as flank or top round steak that is marinated over night and then broiled on a high temperature in the oven.

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How do you pick a good flank steak?

When buying a flank steak it’s important to choose one that is as uniform in thickness as possible (the reason for this will become evident in a moment), although you should expect it to be thicker in the center than at the ends.

Is Flanken the same as flank steak?

Flank steak is boneless, pretty tender, and a common choice for grilling. Flanken has bones (those same ribs that come in short ribs); it’s just sliced in a different direction from short ribs—across rather than in between.

Is flank steak the same as rump?

Very lean and tender, with less flavour than cuts from the rump or sirloin but more expensive. The flank is what butchers usually trim of excess fat and use for cheaper beef mince. … The rump is a very lean, tender cut that is always sliced into steaks.

Is there a difference between London broil and flank steak?

As its name suggests, flank steak is a cut from a specific area of the cow, while London broil is a method of cooking various lean cuts similar to and including flank steak.

Can London broil be used in place of flank steak?

London broil is great sliced over mashed potatoes (a traditionally favorite side dish), as well as turned into fajitas. You can use a London broil for almost any recipe calling for flank steak. The steak can also be slow-cooked for rich-tasting, tender results.

Is London broil a good substitute for flank steak?

Top Round

Both top round and flank steaks are sometimes called London broil steak, so it’s no surprise that top round is considered a flank steak alternative. This thick cut comes from the top of the rear leg. … Rotate the steak once after about four minutes in for each side.

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